Thành ngữ và mẫu câu

about to head down – Nghĩa là: going soon. Ví dụ “ I’m about to head
down to the Exhibition Centre.”
to run through – Nghĩa là: to read, speak or practise. Ví dụ “ Can I run
through the list with you to make sure I’ve got it right?”
to be on track – Nghĩa là: to be doing something properly. Ví dụ “Let’s
just check the instructions, to make sure we’re on track.”
to go off without a hitch – Nghĩa là: to happen successfully without any
problems. Ví dụ “I’m pleased because our presentation went off without a
 tied up
Ví dụ: “I’m afraid you can’t see him. He’s tied up at the moment.”
flat chat
Ví dụ: “Can I call you back? I’m flat chat right now.”
flat out
Ví dụ: “No one has time for lunch. We’ve been flat out all day.”
to have one’s hands full
Ví dụ: “I have my hands full with this new account.”
to have a lot on one’s plate
Ví dụ: “Could you do it? I have a lot on my plate right now.”

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